Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gratitude in relationships

Second, it is gratitude. Just do not think that I'm talking about the background of gratitude. Gratitude must deal with every day, like working through negative beliefs. In fact, you should leave a day for 10-15 minutes on an exercise called "I thank you for ..." and a long list of what you thank. Ie got home at night in peace and quiet, and started recording the moments for which you are grateful. Basically, there are several types of blogs thanks. One of them may be shared, where you write in general, everything that you are thankful for life, the other - is aimed at increasing self-esteem, read about it in the article "How to gain confidence and learn to enjoy life? Or your Blog Success ", and the third blog will aim to involve men in your life or to improve the relations with a partner who already have now.

Why keep such a diary of gratitude, I think you understand. Indeed, as often happens, today was a good event, we are happy, we jump for joy or laugh, we are happy and we think that never, never, never here so do not forget. For example, you go down the street and heard the two nice men after you say, "Well, it's so beautiful girl," or come home, and there is a huge bouquet of your favorite flowers and tickets to the Seychelles - a gift from your loved one. So you think you won IS never forget a Russian girl.

But what's really going on, I think we all know. We forget. Just something a little earlier, but something a little later. Life takes its course, here you came from vacation, moved in together and realize that your partner is not the ideal that you yourself head and share. Yes, he's quite good, and makes you gifts, and sort of tries, but how much he has flaws Russian woman! And you already forgotten that he once gave you that it helped you to organize and carry furniture that he made you repair it repaired your computer, but also constantly drives up you if you are late and late encounters evening, and more .... But all you do is forget, or do not even perceive as something good and worthwhile. You would think that nothing had happened. You have the most ordinary man who is doing what kosyachit is wrong, does not fulfill the promises and his jokes for men, ie completely stupid in your opinion, and even he is and rastakoy and socks throws, and a crumb on the table does not wipe. Here it is, bad!

But wait, wait, where are your thoughts flew with such a feverish pace, when we spoke about the qualities of your chosen one, which you do not like the Russian girl? Why are you with the same speed did not remember all the good things he does for you every day? Because the brain has a remarkable ability to forget how. But, on the one hand - it is wonderful, and the other - not always good. After all, if we forget the good and always thought only concentrate on the bad, we already think that "men are for ... and St. ..", and "nothing in life is not good," "and I live not to" and etc.

Monday, July 30, 2012

That Russian women love in men

Maybe it's the strength and confidence, which emits a man, or, conversely, his gentleness and sensitivity? His passion for cooking, or carpentry business? What makes a man attractive in the eyes of women, Russian women like in men?

As he wrote the classic "If lips Nikanor Ivanovich so to put to the nose of Ivan Kuzmich ..." ("Marriage." Nikolai Gogol). Sometimes men are in complete disarray and think that they love women and what they like? To answer this question we have tried in this article.
Russian women love respect

The fair sex prefer respect from men. If a man is a woman with respect, there will always appreciate it - whether it be prim and proper lady in the supermarket, laughter-loving neighbor, or a beloved companion of life. Needless to patronizing, condescending attitude is often perceived negatively by Russian women.
Women love humor

Not the most clever joke, like "Gingerbread Man hanged himself," is unlikely to make the ladies hearts beat faster. But women really prefer men who can treat the situation with humor and not take life's troubles to heart. If, moreover, a sense of humor you have both the same and you are "on the same wavelength," consider that you have found your perfect match.
Russian women love the attention

If a woman has several times repeated his question before her chosen answer it, or if a man believes favors overkill, such relationships are doomed. Women like to especially appreciate the moments when the man's attention is completely given to them.

Do not skimp on the modest signs of attention - an unexpected bouquet of flowers tells a lot about your attitude to his beloved. Give a woman feel that she is loved and desired.
Women love of grateful listeners

Even if many men think that the themes of women's conversations can only be nonsense, like trends in fashion or the latest gossip in Hollywood, do not make the absent gaze during conversations with a loved one.

A woman is important to see a man's eyes and feel what she is saying "not in a void." Men and women communicate in different planes - the woman is important to establish an emotional connection with cobesednikom, so it needs to talk. Try it for yourself to start a topic that you find interesting, and she certainly support it.
Women love men

Well, finally, admit that women just love men. For what they are: sensitive and understanding, generous and successful, courageous and strong, attentive and appreciative, brutal and romantic, and most importantly, loving.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How do you know a Russian girl

The main reason for misunderstanding
Most people are under the influence of their own emotions, and it does not matter - it is men or women. Logical behavior - is a conscious behavior, and illogical behavior - it is an unconscious behavior. If a person is acting illogically, then directs them to an emotion that is subconscious. I have already said that every human action is motivated in a certain way. Acting in a certain way, a Russian woman wants to achieve something.

The fact that in a stressful situation, we are not physically able to understand each other. A woman can not just as a man to respond to the stimulus. We are predicting the behavior of another person, we rely on our own feelings and emotions. The Russian women are well developed imagination is much stronger than that of men. That is why it tends to invent different stories. The man on the contrary - poorly developed imagination and a very well-developed logic. That's why he is not inclined to "think out", he soberly assess the situation and take any decision.

Another cause of misunderstanding is the biological feature of men. When he gets in a stressful situation, along with stress hormones and hormones gets joy. The woman at risk of stress hormone produced only. That is the reason that she had so often experienced in a man.

The recipe out of a stressful situation consists of the following components:

1) calm (even if very, very angry);
2) Sit down next to the girl;
3) one-minute silence, staring into her eyes (I'm not kidding);
4) Ask for forgiveness.

4th paragraph - the most illogical, but the most effective of all. Why not? Yes, because every girl thinks that she is always right! It laid her on a subconscious level, and to fix this "bug" is impossible. If the situation is heating up, you just need to say: "Darling, please forgive me, I was wrong." This does not mean that you are in front of her humiliation. This means that you are in control, and output it to normal, safe level. That's a real man should act. Crazy guy will complain to prove anything to shout ... And you - just apologize, and soon everything will fall into place :)

What is the logic of women's
Women's logic - a term which men explain the illogical and irrational (from their point of view) the behavior of women.

In fact, the logic can not be male or female. Logic - the art of reasoning. Russian women tend to act spontaneously, without any particular sequence. Men, as being more logical, may not always correctly understand women. And all because men rely more on logic than emotion. Women, on the contrary - more prefer to feel than to think. "Female logic" refers to illogical and irrational behavior (at least so say men). In fact, both male and female behavior somewhat justified.

The meaning of the behavior of Russian women
A woman wants to have everything on the shelves, all things were in their places. And even the smallest deviation from the plans can cause a stressful situation. For example, fell off the heel. That's for men - it is a trifle, but for women - the whole catastrophe! And what did she do in this situation? She starts to call my friends. She wants to make sure that everything is normal and there is no catastrophe. A few calls - and the mood is improving! :) By the way so the woman very correctly solves my problem and returned to the psychological balance.

As a rule, a Russian woman is missing her friends, she wants to be supported by a man. Man to woman - the defender and savior, and no friend is no substitute for his attention. In most cases, the young man hears the complaints of his passions and gives them rational advice. But the woman does not need advice, just hug her and kiss her.

The man simply - naprosto devalues ​​emotion. It is not always able to understand that emotions are for women - is very important. And then the cries you're insensitive, you do not know ...

The main task of the men - to prove. The main task of the Russian woman - impress, seduce, enchant you liked the man. And how can charm anyone with a dry logic? Without feelings and emotions, fascinating? That is why a woman so illogical. She is nobody and nothing, unlike men, do not need to be convinced. Her only goal is to turn a man's head.

Imagine that a man and woman suddenly became a purely logical beings. What do you think, who they will look like? I think that the robots.

By the way, you notice how communicate with each other girlfriends? They never use logical arguments. They strive to impress each other's expensive decoration, lovely manicure or new hairstyle.

So if you decide to at least a little to understand the woman off the logic and try to feel what it feels a Russian woman.

You just need to understand that a man will never ask anyone for help. He will fight to the last, he may even become an alcoholic, but the output will look only to myself. Russian woman can not accept such behavior. She knows that it is best to speak out or complain to someone in the towel. As the saying goes: "Cry - feel better." Again, the source of this behavior - a simple human physiology. When a woman cries, produced a special stress hormone that protects the internal organs from damage.

As I said, the man would never seek advice on the side. But there is an interesting mechanism. When the representative of a male drinking, his body begins to produce the female hormone - estrogen. This substance acts on the speech centers, excites them and thus makes a man "to unleash a language." I strongly recommend you to use alcohol even in small quantities. I want you to learn to love Russian women, and were able to understand them, and if you want to support them in their hour of need.

Every action (whether it is male-or female) is in itself a specific motif. Motive - a sense of human action and motivation - a desire to satisfy his need to help achieve the goal.

For example, the motivation for going to the casino - it is enriching. The aim - to win money. The need - to feed a family or buy a new car. That passion and desire to "cut down a large sum" makes a person take their hard earned Hope ...

Similarly, with regard to women. If a woman does, in your opinion, illogical and unmotivated actions, you should know - these acts must have some meaning. They are always motivated by something, and always have at its core a commitment. This desire can be positive or negative.

The man always commits the act or to achieve something or to avoid something. Herein lies the essence of absolutely all actions.

But there is one little "but". Man, unlike women, carefully thought out every step. A woman prefers to act spontaneously, based solely on their emotions.

The most interesting thing is that she herself did not always understand exactly what she wants. And while doing God knows what :) But the main thing is that in any case, all her actions somehow justified.

The meaning of every woman's life - to find a strong man and bear his child. On a subconscious level, a woman wants a husband of a strong, strong-willed and independent woman. The perfect man, according to a woman - is extremal. It was such a person is able to take responsibility for himself and for his mate. He is not afraid to take risks, not afraid to challenge society. The woman is instinctively drawn to such a male.

How do you know a girl
A woman can say one thing and thinking another, and yet you still are left to blame, because I do not understand, and may not be supported at the right moment ...

Recently I found a wonderful website comment:

Men need a good understanding and a little love
A WOMAN should be VERY much love and not try to understand, as a woman directs emotion and even a woman herself does not understand.

That this in principle is the essence of understanding women. Do not see the words of the woman from a logical point of view. To understand the need of women-only know one thing: whatever it does - all for love. And love is not subject to logic - take it for granted. Axiom - is it a rule that does not need to prove it can simply take for granted.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sexy russian girls with webcams

- Can be, - he said Angelica in tact. The stranger was of indeterminate age. - But still, who are you?
- I - the wind.
- I-breeze, in the tone he replied Angelique, curling russian women. He laughed and took her by the shoulders.
- What are the wind and the breeze, when they meet each other?
He leaned over her and clung to her lips. It was a very long kiss, consisting of a set of tender and passionate kisses. The stranger, could cherish his affection moved by Angelique, bikini girls russian.
"I was so weak, - she thought - and now fatigue has passed"
The stranger got up on one elbow and looked at Angelica, beutifull russian women.
- It's amusing - he said. - I have seen ladies who are so depraved, but nischenok that are so kind and gentle, have not seen ever. You are made for love. I will always love you, and even there in the sky, when I was hanged.
When they came out of the barge, it was already day. Boaters, seeing them, began to throw stones. The stranger turned to him and burst into laughter.
- But still, what's your name? - Asked Angelica, dirty russian women.
- Soon you will know everything.
He went to the quay and gone, like a dream. Angelica was confusion on the street, not knowing what to do. This day she will remember all my life, full of surprises and adventures.

This is a fantastic appearance of the stranger a little bit relieved Angelique
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And pushed into the background the thought of a night meeting with degras.
It has changed Nicola! In general, nothing but poverty, it is not bound to it. Instead, food and shelter, which he gave her, she gave him her beautiful body, which he had long dreamed of. They were even. For a while Angelica thought she should do.
She looked around. The bright sun, and Angelica suddenly realized that this is the most wonderful time of year - spring! Word of the stranger woke her mind and begins to stale heart. The first time she realized the beauty of the New Bridge, near which was now it was one of the most beautiful bridges of the Seine

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While Angelica, beautiful naked russian women, studied him, the man kept on talking non-stop:
- But what do you do such a poor wind, as I am, in Paris? Wind, which used to roam freely in fields and meadows. It will blow in the ladies, and nuns nodol, tearing the hat from the respectable citizens and monks, he cursed the church, and he found himself in jail. But he will break free and ring all the bells!
- But, - said Angelica, attractive russian ladies, trying to get up.
- Do not move, - whispered the stranger.
"This is probably insane," - thought to myself, Angelica, bikini russian girls. He gently leaned on her, patted her cheek and said in a gentle voice:
- Do not cry, do not, everything will be fine!
- But I do not cry - repeated spellbound Angelica
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She looked at him and saw that his cheerful face and covered with tears.
- I also love to sleep in the hay - the stranger. - When I got into this scow, you slept, and tears running down your beautiful face. I caress you, to comfort you I said, "More!"
- I? - Surprised struck Angelica, amatuer russian girls.
- I wiped your face - said the stranger, - and saw that it was fine, as the full-blown rose after the rain, which still remain drop of life-giving water. Your nose is like which are on the beach. These shells are white so thin and transparent. Your lips like the petals of lilies, and the neck is round and seductive. Your eyes are like two turquoise crystal. Your breast is firm and tender, like a young girl's mother is not yet known. Oh, how beautiful you are!
Angelica listened to his confession, as in a dream.
- But as you can see all this? After all, this shade! - She exclaimed in surprise.
- I looked at you when you're asleep. And I noticed that your feet bleed. You must be a long time running away from someone ... You've got a knife corsage Rodogona You can use it?

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This seductive scent makes you think about the great steppes, blasted by the wind, the endless cloudless sky and the mysteries hidden in the valleys of the mountains that guard the heat i eagerly reared its abundant land?
 She, busty russian ladies, «bathed" in the flavor. In her memories came flooding back ... Montel's mother saw the wind caressed the face, hair, and it seemed that he slowly raises it to the sun. Angelica, chilly russian girls, forget this dreadful night, the sun caressed her hair. That's how long it has no caressing. Not on their own it, crazy russian girls, became a victim of uncouth Kalambredena. She linked her life with the "wolf" who, during a moment of forgetfulness uttered wild cries, and she could feel the animal instinct, gave herself to him. But her body had long forgotten the tenderness of this kindness, she continued to dream about Montel, tried to feel the smell of hay in the fragrant smell of familiar plants and flowers. Angelica thought that the glowing cheeks and lips dry, it feels life-giving water source. She, bikini russian girls, opened her mouth and whispered softly:
- More! More!
In the sweet ecstasy of tears flowing down her cheeks flaming. They were not tears of pain or hurt, they were tears of joy. Angelica, beautiful naked russian women, it seemed that the fields and forests of his native whispered in her ear: "Do not cry, poor thing, the nightmare is over. Do not cry, poor thing, everything will be fine. "
With great difficulty, Angelica opened her eyes. A few yards away lay a kind of black mass. Smiling eyes of a stranger not to playfully smotreda £. Extremely surprised, Angelica whispered:
- Who are you?
- I? I - the wind, - replied the stranger. - Wind from the outskirts of the village of Berry. When the peasants were mowing hay, mowed them and me.
He knelt and emptied his pockets.
- I am a beggar, I was immersed in a scow, and here I am in Paris. Funny story, is not it?
Angelica could not collect his thoughts. She noticed that the stranger was wearing a black jacket, tightened his belt.

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Once they left, Angelica, cute russian girls, began to run at random through the dark streets of Paris. One thought kept running through her mind:
"Degrada not recognize me, a former madam, the Countess de Peyrak, ironically, became a beggar."
On the horizon crimson dawn of light. Starting day should overtake Angelica, busty russian ladies, on the outskirts of the Latin Quarter. In the windows of nearby houses could still see the glow of candles Maybe students preparing for exams. Angelica, chubby russian girls, absent-mindedly walked down the street, passers-by from time to time she came across who walked wearily, yawned, from brothels or protracted meetings. They smiled to himself, as if recalling the charm carried the night. Some affected Angelica, crazy russian girls, saying all sorts of rude, but she did not pay any attention to them. Others even tried to tighten it to the entrance of any home. These little people were poorly dressed, collars of their shirts were gray with dirt. Black stockings clung to their skinny legs. Not far off sound of bells. Angelica was very tired after this nightmarish night, her bare feet were bleeding because she had lost somewhere in his shoes, his face expressed some alienation.
Suddenly she noticed that she had come to the lake Turnel. In the clear morning air, felt the smell of fresh hay It was the first vesezhnee hay this year. Not far from the shore were sheeted barges tied to a mooring chain. It came from them, this pleasant scent of spring. Everywhere felt a gentle scent of hundreds of thousands of dried herbs and flowers. Angelica walked silently to the shore. Nearby, a group of o basked near the dying fire. In the predawn fog nobody noticed. Angelica went quietly through the water to the first barge, straightened the sheet and penetrated. With delight she lay in the hay, so soft as a feather bed.